How to increase emails open rates

6 Tips to Increase Your emails Open Rates

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The Art

The art of Amazon Follow up emails has become a real doctrine over the years, especially when sellers realized that email is an amazing platform to keep in touch on a more personal level with buyers.

Sending Follow up emails is one of the most successive methods to increase reviews for Amazons sellers. However, many sellers are facing difficulties understanding how to utilize email’s magic to their benefit.

It takes the average person between 4-6 seconds to decide whether or not he or she will open your email, and therefore it’s significantly important for you as a seller to know how to manage your emails right, attracting as many people as possible to read  your emails, writing reviews and come back for more.


By following the tips presented below, you will be able to improve your results by increasing your Open rates dramatically and improving your ranks as an Amazon seller. The following blog will discuss all relevant tips to achieve those two important goals.


How to measure your email success properly?

Almost all Amazon sellers are not sure how to measure their email success properly, or alternatively not so sure whether they are on the right track doing so. It is possible to asses emails success by several KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) like open rate, click through rate, reply rate, review rate and more.

The most important KPI to truly understand the effectiveness of your emails is by tracking your email open rates. Sadly, many sellers are not yet familiar with the ‘open rate’ values and options.

What Is an Open Rate?

Open rate is the exact percentage of emails that were opened by your buyers. Open rate is one of the most trustable features to know exactly the value of how successful your Follow up Email is. The value of open rates is a true marker to understand how effective your email campaign is since it provides you with the information of how many people truly read your content, so as long as your open rate is higher – so it is better.

The right way to increase open rate

Some companies may try to trick people to open their emails through a misleading content – a method which we recommend against strongly. 

Buyers misleading is one of the most common mistakes brands do. Unfortunately, the result of this action causes a sharp decrease in rates in 90% of the time, damaging your business good name and harming your trust as a seller.

Therefore, we highly recommend keeping a consistent and reliable approach as well as credible communication. Customers appreciate sellers and products they can trust, thus it is very important to always respond your clients, try as much as possible to fulfill their requests and always keep the promises of your messages.

Even if the relationship between you and your client are tight – you’re on a battle for the time in which your email will turn from “unread” to “read”. 

So, in order to give your emails the maximum chance to be exposed to your readers, you can use a number of tricks that will increase your advantage over your competitors, raise your open rate and gets your Amazon products with some more reviews. Here are six main tips:


Make your subject line stand out

Subject lines are the first words to which your buyers will be exposed to when receiving an email and are highly responsible for the degree in which your open rates will increase. Many of the companies and sellers spend valuable time composing the right sentences for their email content without giving any attention composing the right and proper subject line to attract their customers in the first place. 

Subject lines for follow up emails which were used more than 3 times by brands are automatically discriminate from receiver’s eyes. Therefore, it is your duty as an innovative and attractive seller to avoid these kinds of mistakes, so as a guiding line remember to always be creative with your subject lines.

Think about it: just like you have decided to enter this blog and read all those sentences that were written so far – and it’s truly a long way by now – think about the reason you have entered here in the first place. 

The true answer is that you have decided to open this blog because the title of it somehow talked to your sense, given you the curiosity that you are might about to understand some answer to some question you have, and this is the true importance of the subject line. Here are a few tips to compose a creative subject line:

  1. Integrate numbers: Numbers are more eye-catching than words.
  2. Curiosity: Ask a question or present the topic in a mysterious way – but not too mysterious so your reader will understand what your message is about.
  3. Keep a short and limited length of words in your title. Customers will get tired of reading headlines which are too long.
  4. Use your clients’ first and true names. When customers see their first name it will cling their curiosity instinctively. They will also know that your inquiry is more personalized and tailored to their real needs.
  5. Use a language your customers use when talking with their friends, in order to create a closer and more personalized communication.

A/B testing

Many sellers are wrong by relying solely on their heart sensations when it comes to email-driven campaigns. An important tool for a reliable testing for your headline success is by applying a simple A / B test. 

Test results will give you the best indication of the words which truly attracts your customers, and can significantly increase your open rates. 

In the absence of proper reference and optimization to the subject line of the email, there is a risk of losing reviews and potential returning customers. 

Despite the widespread belief that A / B testing is primarily constructed for the benefit of sponsored advertisements, it has also proven to be an important tool in email marketing.

Once you have received the information about the favorite and most successful subject line, with the highest Open rates from your customers – it will not be a shame to use the same subject line for your full follow up email campaign. 

The A / B test shortens the long way to understand which subject line is the most attractable for your clients, also allowing you to make even the smallest changes in future campaigns. 

These changes can be related to the creativity, wording or content of your emails, whether they will be short, long, custom, and generic, your options are endless.  Your only job now is to understand what your customers like the most.

Address only one person at a time

Although your messages are likely to reach hundreds or thousands of people, it is important to understand that it will eventually be opened by one person only. 

People like to feel that the messages they receive are personally targeted, especially when it comes to emails. When costumers open their inbox, they expect to receive a message directed to them, and when they receive a message attributed to a community or some irrelevant advertising, disappointment is highly probable. 

Many articles have shown that when you apply your customers personally, the likelihood of opening your email will increases by at least 26%.

To make your messages more personal, use the recipient’s first name in your subject line, as well as at the beginning of your content. In the body of the text itself, formulate a message addressing for only one person. 

The wording for one person only will increase the level of concentration and focus on the message, keeping the chances of your customers opening more of your messages in the future.

Write amazing content, every time.

Although your subject line is the first gateway to high open rates, solely it will not determine your success. 

The crucial and final move in the battle for your customers attention is the email’s content.

Why is it so? Content basically determines whether the information you provided to your customer is relevant. In case the information and content of your email is precise, interesting, and satisfying – your customers are highly expected to open more of your emails in the future. 

Hence, content is important in creating loyalty and increasing the level of the customer’s engagement.

The reliability of your content can be expressed in several ways. The importance of maintaining high quality content is paramount – creativity, originality and relevance are all game changers. 

If your content is of low quality your customers won’t be interested reading it. Remember, one experience of disappointment is enough for your customer to discriminate your future emails.

Another important thing is not to send emails on a daily basis – the higher the frequency of your emails, the more likely they are to be dumped. It is important to understand that when you send an email, it must contain real value, i.e. the message must provide valuable and real information. 

Therefore, as a key phrase, chances to maintain high open rates increases as the content of your message is higher in quality and lower in quantity.

Another thing is to maintain reliability between the subject line and the content. That is, if you will not provide a compatible content with your subject line, your costumers will lose confidence in you and will not re-open your emails. 

The more consistent your subject line is with your content, you will gain more loyal from your customers and as a result – higher opening rates.

Send from a person, not a company

Our email Inbox is firstly a personal platform. As we mentioned before, people expect to receive personalized content that will speak to their hearts. 

One of the first steps people do while opening a message (which occurs only in a few milliseconds) is to check who sent the email. While opening a certain name to find out it’s from a company or a brand, the chances of your message to find itself in the trash are high.

Therefore, another effective way to address your customers is by using a first name rather than a company’s name. Thus, the chances of the recipient to open your email are increasing and are not immediately marked as an advertisement. 

Keep in mind that behind any email address there is a person, who will enjoy much more receiving a message directly from another person, rather than from a cold computer system that sends letters to hundreds and thousands of people. When you don’t feel special – you don’t feel the need to open a message.

Format your messages for mobile devices

Recent studies indicate a rising trend of using a cell phone as a major platform for opening emails, which happens more than half the times (compared to opening emails via computer, for example). 

Whether through an app that bounces notifications of receiving new emails or by a browser, understating the cell phone platform is crucial – if your emails are not well-read by the phone, you are already losing 50% of chances the be followed up by your customers. Another disadvantage is that most of the people who choose to open the email by one platform will not use another platform to open that same email again (researches evaluated 96%!). 

As if that’s not hard enough, phones tend to reduce email’s subject lines to 25 characters only! Accordingly – choose your words wisely – into a short, concise and interesting line.

So, what now?

Now that you have the tools you need to generate enough interest – with a concise subject line, interesting content, and personalized attitude, you have the ability to create and compose emails that will attract more and more customers to your business that will maintain a trustworthy communication with you. Remember – always stay true with your customers.

Firstly, you can try composing high-quality subject lines, gradually reviewing them by using an A/B test to evaluate which ones have the best performances for your open rates. 

It is also important to remember that there are competitors out there who are probably doing the same research that you are doing right now, learning the same subjects you are slowly learning, working to exploit the ways in which the human brain works just like you do. 

That’s why it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of innovations and latest insights to improve your follow up e-mail moves. If you have managed to attract the attention of your subscribers, stay true and keep on good communication with them, you have fulfilled the goals of your follow up email campaign successfully.

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