5 Reasons Why You Must Brand Your Business on Amazon

5 Reasons Why You Must Brand Your Business on Amazon

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Why Branding?

Amazon market is filled with many attractive, cool and innovative products of experienced and well-developed sellers. The importance to stand out among all those successful players is of great importance now more than ever. In order to keep your sales high for the long run, competing  the biggest players, you must recognize the importance of branding.

Whether you’re a beginner, a small seller or an experienced shark on the Amazon playground, you must admit and actualize branding as a basic tool in your strategy. Think about yourself as a buyer on Amazon – where would you invest your money? Probably not on some random products, especially when it comes to valuable and expansive ones, or alternatively – those you purchase constantly. 

You would definitely prefer a specific brand which gives you the best trust-able and loyal purchasing. Yes, sometimes you might pick the better deal out of two options, but the one you will remember will be the one which was branded.

A brand is a useful tool to keep products on your costumer’s mind. Brand awards clients with some sort of a certification of trust, which is one of the most valuable and appreciated values for clients, along with quality, innovation and visibility. Once you got your client’s attention with a good branded product, it is your brand which will bring them back. Here, we will present 5 main beneficial reasons for branding your business on Amazon, including one meaningful tip.

Brand Registry Exclusive Tools

Once you are a trademark owner, Amazon opens a whole new world for you. By registering your brand on Amazon, some wonderful and beneficial opportunities are exposed, such as the options of enhanced brand content (EBC), an upgraded detail page, a storefront, sponsored brand ads, Amazon Live, Amazon Posts, new communication channels, Brand Analytics and more. 

Why Amazon tools are of great benefit? In order to create the best purchasing experience for your clients, you must approach them with the best possible platform. A storefront helps you to present your products in a more official, elegant and authentic way. EBC gives you a significant advantage by allowing you to insert more details and descriptions of your products – saving you precious time on FAQs, and marketing by adding videos and pictures (auxiliary images showcasing, Marquee, Product grid, Showcase), which is not possible while you are not branded.

Here are 2 products for example, one with a registered brand and the another is unbranded, which of the two would you purchase?


Lead the Competition

Branding your business is one of the most powerful tools to overcome competitors. As mentioned before, by branding your business you immediately provide yourself with a great new toolbox, filled with better options to experience your clients with the best purchase experience.  

By having those, you are automatically gaining yourself with higher chances to sell, comparing to those who are not branded. So, basically, your competition is getting smaller, posting you on a new position aside the big players.

Now when the real competition begins, all brands share, more or less, the same products and prices, and here branding steps in. Branding gives style, functionality, prestige. Basically, it shifts your position from a seller who keeps on spending energy on  promotes himself by discounts and low pricing mainly, to a position of a seller which spends his energy on finding the right costumers, basing a constant and reliable communication with them. 

That way, they will give you more reviews, recommend your products and provide you with more of the right clients – giving you more advantages over your competitors.

Costumers view

It may sound surprising, but the main competition nowadays between Amazon sellers is not price-based. It will not be uncommon  to find on Amazon that those who are the most successful are the ones who charge the highest prices. 

Today the highest emphasis is on quality and convenience. When you provided your customers with both of these factors, the price will not be an obstacle for them – because they know and trust that what they are receiving is a good branded product that can be trusted. When you have a good brand in your hands, you have the privilege to demand a premium price.

Charge more, Sell more

It may sound surprising, but the main competition nowadays between Amazon sellers is not price-based. It will be uncommon today to find that those who are most successful are the ones who charge the highest prices on the Amazon marketplace. It may not even have anything to do with the product itself, but the experience and quality of the platform on which you presented your product.

Today the highest emphasis is on quality and convenience. When you proved your customers with both factors while purchasing your products, the price will not be an obstacle for them – because they know and trust that what they receive is a good branded product that can be trusted. When you have a good brand in your hands, you have the privilege to demand  a premium price.

Off-Amazon Exposure

If you have indeed decided to brand your products on Amazon, one more important thing to have in mind is the option of full independency that you can have also outside of Amazon. Branded in Amazon, you will most likely to have plenty of benefits, but you can also start having some more and different ones as an independent brand on some other platforms.

Being dependent on Amazon only could be risky and restrictive in all kind of ways – from account suspensions through communication with costumers. When you have a brand, you can explore new retail platforms such as Website, eBay, Walmart, or getting some extra exposure on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. 

Today it is most likely that your newly costumers will Google your brand as a first step before they will add your product to their cart. That is why social media and an official website are two extra components you should keep in mind.

Plus, having a brand that is cultured outside of Amazon can push your business further – by having the option to expand your business, having some more customers that might not use Amazon as their first option for shopping. You can also offer some extra help and support outside of Amazon, pushing yourself one more step towards your clients, giving them extra credibility.

Brand your Package

Many of Amazon sellers are not aware of the fact that they have another powerful tool laying there in their hands. This tool is the basic factor of the way  you pack your product.

Think about it. Once you have delivered your package and sent it on its way, it travels around the world, passing through so many eyes, and eventually reaching to those of your client’s – which are the most important ones. 

Branding your package gives you extra exposure and extra quality of delivery. When the customer receives your product, they want to know that their money was invested properly. They will have a better experience when they’ll see your logo on their front door or at the mail office, rather than receiving another random white box.

It is important to make sure your logo is decorated with an eye-catching color graphics, and that your brand’s name stands out clearly. 


As we reviewed here, it is hard to unnoticed the extra beneficial profit of having a brand. Strong brands, at the end, are the names and connotation which have the strongest impact on the costumer for the long run. 

As a summery of it, branding provides you with the opportunity to grow beyond sellers which do not have a brand, opening options for the better representation of your products, independence from a third party, the freedom to charge more and better chances for more return clients, and all that inside a nice package with your logo on it.

Remember, without a strong brand it is hard to compete in the Amazon marketplace aside the strong players. Branding yourself takes you a step further to a well-developed business and pushing you far away from the basic level. So now that you have received those fine tips for branding it is up to you to use them wisely, reaching more potential costumers and giving them the best experience that you can. 

Have in mind that from now on you are not an Amazon seller, but a well-developed brand which Amazon provides it a distribution platform.

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